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Welcome to Solarguard, a consideration of Human Archaeology, Anthropology, History, Literature and Spirituality. This site was last updated on October 27, 2014 with the addition of a Canadian section.

I extend enormous thanks to Michel Boucher for his essays on Celtic Mythology and Irish literature and for his substantial work which may be seen in the Solarguard Canadian Archaeology section. Furthermore, he created this solarguard page and showed Michael McKenny how it works. All its imperfections are mine.

Also available here are Michael McKenny's novel Rainbow, his reviews, some quite substantial, of more than a hundred and fifty books and of one awesome movie, his consideration of the games Enochian Chess and Fidchell (or hnefetafl), his thoughts on the futhark (runes) and Irish ogham, his comprehensive listing of the planets named in some three dozen Andre Norton books, some of his poetry, seven of his Twenty First Century Federalist papers and valuable links.

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Canada is approaching the centennial of its Confederation. This is pretty good time to begin adding to this Solarguard webpage a Canadian section. The intent is to place here, as that date approaches, articles and reviews on the theme of Canadian history, current affairs and awesome future potential. The section is launched with Michael McKenny's short article on the vision of Ralph Centennius' 1883 vision of Canada and Michael McKenny's letter to Canada's prime minister on the subject of housing veterans. October 2010.

Peace, Michael.


1. Andre NortonSome two dozen reviews, notes, two essays, the planet list and one link.

2. Africa Thirteen Reviews and three links.

3. Amerindians Ten Reviews and one link.

4. Australia Four reviews and two links.

5. Bio and Bibliography Brief bio, initial bibliography, short description and the twenty four chapters of the novel RAINBOW.

6. Buddhism Reviews of Bhikhu Ananda's Buddhism, of the popular novel Journey to the West and of Sally Hovey Wriggins' The Silk Road Journey With Xuanzang.

7. Canada, review of Ralph Centennius' 1883 vision of Canada in 1983, plus an letter to the Prime Minister regarding Veterans' Housing.

8. Canadian Archaeology Michel Boucher's history of Canadian archaeology and extensive bibliography.

9. Celtic Michel Boucher's essays "Celtic Mythology" and "Irish Literature", seventeen Michael McKenny reviews, three links, including to Solarguard ogham, and rules to fidchell (hnefetafl)

10. China Synopses and reviews of fourteen original and twelve secondary works; five subdirectories and five links.

11. Germanic Seventeen files, including a dozen reviews, a poem and rules to hnefetafl.

12. Graeco-Roman Ten Reviews, an essay comparing Ptolemy and Seleucus, brief remarks on Graeco-Roman influence and one link.

13. India At present a brief summary of the Bhagavad Gita and the beginnings of three other summaries that hopefully will be completed by the New Year.

14. Islam Six reviews and summaries, including of volumes 1-34 of the English translations of at Tabari and Ibn Khaldun volume one.

15. Japan Three reviews and one link.

16. Latin America Five reviews and three links.

17. Pagan Some twenty reviews, a couple of subdirectories (including of the ADF Dedicants Program) and an essay on Julian.

18. Poetry Thirty seven files, including tributes to Egan O'Rahilly, Tadgh Dall O'Huiginn and Mad Sweeny.

19. Renaissance Thirteen reviews and one link.

20. Russia and Eastern Europe Fifteen reviews, a poem and a convention report.

21. Science-fiction A review, two essays, a satire and a link.

22. South-East Asia Four reviews and one link.

23. Turkic Five reviews.

24. UN and USA Review of the UN volume "Everyone's United Nations, thirteen other articles, essays and reviews; link to UN and to the 2007 UN Parlimentary Assembly campaign.

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